Pine Acre

Basic Information: Pine Acre is a small town in the eastern portion of Creation. The city rests to the west of the town of Larjyn. The town sits in a clearing surrounded by dense forests. The inhabitants built the town over several generations and are ruled by a mayor, who is elected every two years.

Population Information: The town consists of around 700 people, and most of them live off of the land in some way. Some are farmers, whose families have toiled to make the once forested area good for growing crops. Many are lumberjacks or woodworkers, who never run out of supplies living within the western region of Creation. The townspeople are generally fairly friendly, and the town makes most of its money by exporting lumber and wooden supplies and furniture.

Government: The city of Pine Acre is run by a single elected official. The role of mayor within Pine Acre is to make sure the town stays afloat and keeps up with its annual payments to The Realm for protection. The Dragon Blooded in charge of Pine Acre’s tribute money is House Ragara. Elections for mayor come around every two years in the summer. The current mayor, Mayor Bruce Walters, is a kindly older man that most people appreciate for his hard work. He has run unopposed in the last several elections, and part of that reason seems to stem from a lack of wanting to take on so much responsibility.

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Pine Acre

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