Sometime traveling companion, infrequent lover


Beautiful, cunning, smart, and all around pain in Lefy’s ass.



Erisa is a beautiful and cunning thief, who has been known to travel with Lefty from time to time. She has knack of getting the traveler into trouble, and even bigger one for seducing him and robbing him blind the next morning. Lefty knows better when this beautiful con crosses his path, but he just can’t help himself, for two reasons, one being that whenever she appears life gets more exciting, and two she actually is a decent person….at heart…..when you get to know her.

Truth be told she actually likes the loud mouth because he keeps her honest… really, he does. Ok so she may have swindled over 500 jade away from lefty over their various encounters, and she may have left him a time or two in a compromising position, but she will stick by him when the chips are down, and she can’t make a quick getaway. She at least owes him that, I mean come one as many times as Lefty saved her life, or pulled her butt out of a tight situation she has to pay the guy back some how, hell he isn’t the ugliest guy she’s been with, or the dumbest, but probably the loudest.


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