Exalted - The Venemous Monk

Episode #11: The Showdown [8/31/14]

Our heroes wake after a mostly restful night (Lefty excluded), scrounge up some breakfast, and prepare to meet with Eternal Fang to discuss military strategy. During breakfast they bond a bit more with the sociable drinker and smoker, Gorbar.

Meanwhile, Amethyst and Kensai, the two Solar travelers that Mustang met some time ago when dealing with the Abyssal Exalted, are still on the trail of some elusive bandits. They stumble upon the same lumberjacks as our three heroes and also ignore their warning. They head into the wilderness and find the other’s original camp. Amy starts to piece the events that transpired together, and they are soon met by menacing-looking wolfmen. It turns out they smell Mustang’s scent on Amy and offer to take them to their camp.

As the time to meet with Eternal Fang arrives, they notice a commotion as Amy and Kensai are led into the tribal lands. Mustang introduces them to his companions, and Ken for some reason doesn’t recognize the man he fought beside only weeks earlier. They all meet with Eternal Fang and hover around a crudely drawn map of the enchanted forestland around the Arczeckhi’s manse. They hatch a plan to keep Eternal Fang’s army back while the group of Solars try a very direct approach and speak with Crushing Paw in person.

Eternal Fang leads our heroes and some of his wolfmen up the winding road toward his old manse. Eternal Fang and his men hang back a bit, and the group of Exalts make their way toward the manse. They are met by a group of bear men, and with some quick talking and thinking, they are led toward the manse.

When they arrive, they enter what looks like a large assembly hall filled with tables for festivities. Across the room is a tall platform with a large, wooden throne. Sitting there is Crushing Paw, who seems a bit out of sorts. As they talk some sense into him, they are ambushed by two fair folk, one of which appears out of nowhere and attempts to cut the heroes down where they stand. The attempt is ultimately in vain as he is quickly brought down by our circle of Solar Exalts.

This does not sit well with the female fair folk, who introduces herself as Blossom, the woman that is at the center of the issues in Larjyn. She orders the brainwashed Crushing Paw. A battle ensues, and unfortunately the group of Solars is unable to subdue the Lunar without ending his life.

Unable to escape in time, Blossom also fell pray to the might of the newly-formed Solar group. She was soon burned in flaming golden essence as Mustang Thunder ended the being’s life to save those suffering from the madness of the trees within Chaya.

The Solars emerged from the manse to find the landscape slowly turning back to normal. Eternal Fang and his men brought forth the remains of his companion Crushing Paw, and the heroes watched as they returned his body to the encampment.



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