The Crossroads Hostel

The Crossroads Hostel is a safe haven built around a large manse. It is located in Eastern Creation to the east of the Republic of Chaya. It serves as a hub for travels and traders.

It is best known for its rather unique security system. Signs and tales both boast that no fighting is allowed within its borders. Those who have seen an attempted dual or a drunken fistfight within its walls know too well those boasts are more than true. When an act of violence takes place within The Crossroads, the perpetrator of the violence is literally launched into the air and outside the manse’s perimeters. It takes the phrase, “Take it outside, boys” to a whole new level.

The technical overseer of the manse is a name by the name of The Left-Handed Vagabond Who Travels With His Twin, also known as Lefty. He does not treat this lavish place as a home, preferring his life as a vagabond and traveler. He does offer it freely to anyone that wishes to enter no matter their allegiances or supernatural abilities.

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The Crossroads Hostel

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