Tag: Pine Acre


  • Mayor Bruce Walters

    Bruce Walters was elected to watch over [[Pine Acre | Pine Acre]] more than ten years ago. He is a nice old man with a very notable-sized mustache and graying hair. He has worked with the rest of the citizens to meet the yearly tribute to the Dragon …

  • Maribell Walters

    Maribell Walters, daughter of [[:mayor-bruce-walters | Mayor Bruce Walters]], is a a sixteen year old girl. She has a calm and somewhat submissive demeanor, but hidden within her is great curiosity of the ways of the rest of Creation. She has spent most …

  • Greasy Joan

    Greasy Joan works is a cook and saleswoman in the business district of [[Pine Acre | Pine Acre]]. She offers [[:ruko | Ruko]] a good deal on his travel needs in exchange for working out a tax break from [[:mayor-bruce-walters | Mayor Bruce Walters]].