Scarlet Dumas

Matriach of the Dumas family


Scarlet is the matriarch of the Dumas family in Larjyn. Her family lineage goes back hundreds of years, and her house sits at the head of the Republic of Chaya.

During Ruko and Mustang’s investigation of Larjyn, they found that Scarlet had stricken any activity with the Realm from the city records. The Dumas family had been paying the Regara house tribute money in exchange for keeping Larjyn safe. Ruko and Mustang responded by removing the Realm influence on the town and killing one of the five Regara representatives, Marin.

Scarlet agreed to bury Marin in an unmarked grave and deny any dealings with the two Solars or any knowledge of where Marin and the Realm soldiers went.

Scarlet Dumas

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