Po Shiang

Current leader of the Cabal Ganju; Ruko's rival.


Str – 2 Cha – 3 Per – 3
Dex – 3 Man – 4 Int – 3
Sta – 3 App – 2 Wit – 3


An arrogant and violent member of the Cabal Ganju. His brash attitude kept him from the favor of his uncle and former leader, Li Chan. He was jealous of the attention given to Ruko, and he openly resented any action Ruko made within the cabal, whether good or bad. When Li Chan was mysteriously murdered and Ruko was found out to be an Anathema, Po Shiang became the new leader of the Cabal Ganju. He successfully convinced the Ganju Elders that Ruko had murdered Li Chan and then used his blood rite to inherit the leadership.

Po Shiang

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