Li Chan

Former leader of the Cabal Ganju


Master Li Chan was the original elder of the Cabal Ganju monastery and ruled for about 80 years. A man known for his infinite patience, Li Chan taught every student the way of the Ganju martial arts, which focused mainly on an unarmed style of fighting.

After finding an orphaned infant in a chicken crate, Li Chan took the young boy, who he named Ruko, in and cared for him. He raised him like a son, and he soon became Li Chan’s top student. Over the years, Po Shiang, Li Chan’s nephew, became jealous of Ruko. When he found out that Ruko was destined to rule the monastery as it’s next leader, he viciously murdered his uncle. After successfully convincing the Ganju Elders that Ruko had murdered Li Chan, Po Shiang then used his blood rite to inherit leadership of the cabal.

Li Chan

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