Earth-Aspect Dragon Blooded from House Regara


Regara Soras Marin was sent from The Realm by House Ragara as one of five representatives to demand and collect tribute from the cities outside of The Blessed Isle. He traveled to the South and West, collecting money from all of the small towns.

One of his stops was Pine Acre, and Ruko discovered him loading up carts filled with lumber as payment. Mayor Walter’s daughter Maribell ended up following him to get the chance to leave her small, quiet town. Ruko followed him, eventually leading both him and Mustang to a confrontation with him at Larjyn. There he fought Mustang in a one-on-one battle and was killed in the conflict.

Scarlet Dumas, the matriach of an important family in Larjyn, agreed to bury Marin in an unmarked grave.


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