Da Zhang "The Lone Whisper"

He appears at the most random of moments.....


His appearance always changes. His mysterious, capricious, wise, helpful, and really really really vague


Da Zhang or as he is best known as The Lone Whisper, is the Eclipse caste Solar who witnessed and sanctified the oath The Vagabond Twins made to one another. He has traveled with Lefty and his brother off and on over the years, often listening to the youths’ tales and adventures. After Righty’s death and Lefty’s subsequent exaltation, Whisper was the first person to inform Lefty of his precarious position as an “Anathema.” Since then Whisper appears at random times and reasons in Lefty’s life, sometimes it is to teach him a lesson (which he always says), other times to play an odd prank on Lefty (which he says was a lesson), or to aid him on an adventure (seriously he treats everything he does for Lefty as some sort of Lesson). His motivations like his appearance seems to change, but the one constant is an eerily soothing and echoing whisper that announce his entrance and exits as that is the only way Lefty is able know when he is speaking to Da Zhang.mysterious_man_of_dgm_by_gazerei-d4borzs.png

Da Zhang "The Lone Whisper"

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