Exalted - The Venemous Monk

Session #9: Madness in Larjyn [7/20/14]

Following the battle with Hyde, they decided to investigate the happenings at Larjyn. They pack Righty and Mustang Thunder in the back of their cart and head off.

They arrive the next day to find the city completely closed. Ruko climbs a tree along the wall and walks along the edge of it toward the front gate. There he uses some flashy moves to dispatch the angry old man watching the gate and opens it for his companions.

They find the normally peaceful people of Larjyn to be affected in a very negative way. They see violence in the streets, boarded up houses, and a large bonfire with people serving up the town’s animals. The people give in to impulses of anger, lust, and gluttony. Lefty tries blending in with the savages and gain some information.

Meanwhile, Ruko and Mustang hear a familiar voice. They move toward the mansion of the Dumas family and find its matriarch, Scarlet Dumas in nothing more than a sheer nightgown. Lefty joins them, and they invited into the mansion to find a rather roaring upper class orgy.

A bit thrown off by the affair, they manage to find out that the strange actions have gone on for as long as Scarlet Dumas can remember. Everyone seems affected aside from Octavius. Once again, Lefty stays to “gather some information” while Ruko and Mustang head to the record library.

Ruko distracts the men patrolling the outside of the library, and Mustang talks Octavius into letting him in. Octavius has minor warding magics at his disposal, keeping himself and a few others safe during this time. The contagion spans the 12 cities of The Republic of Chaya and has been going on for at least the 50 years that he has lived there.

Mustang gets Ruko and Lefty, and they all go back to Octavius to do some research in the library. Among the books and talking with Octavius, they find that a fair folk by the name of Blossom arrived over 200 years ago. It planted seeds around the 12 cities. They discerned that the blossoms of the flowers might have something to do with changing the people in the town, affecting them like some sort of drug.

The three Exalted head to the city’s temple and speak with the nature God of Chaya. They almost decide to leave the town as it is rather than cause harm by simply burning the trees down. Those that have left the town for a long amount of time eventually go completely mad when deprived of the pollen of the blossoms. They ask the God to pinpoint a direction into the forests to the East. They now plan to track down this Blossom and see if they can reverse the effects of the contagion.



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