Exalted - The Venemous Monk

Session #5b: The Nameless Lair of Ma-Ha-Suchi

Involving Mustang Thunder and 2 Strange Travelers

Two strange travelers, an Unknown Swordsman and a Girl and wolf are out traveling the wilderness when they run into an angry, fretful Mustang Thunder. The young man and woman are currently on the trail of bandits, and Mustang Thunder reveals that he was led away from the Moonsilver Manse by a group of wandering travelers seeking refuge. When he came back found, his wife Akara Thunder had been taken from her garden by soldiers. Mustang dispatched of the refugees and has been trailing her this direction ever since. The two travelers, who reveal themselves as Kensai and Amethyst, decide to follow him and give him aid.

They find that the bandits that they are searching and those that took Akara Thunder were described as clad in mostly black with distinctive red masks with a skeletal design stitched into the material.

They follow the trail to an abandoned ruins hidden deep within the forests. They find several animalistic totems and a crumbled statue of a wolf. They encounter a group of the bandits at the outskirts of the ruins. They seem content with staying outside and not heading into the ancient structure.

They dispatch the bandits and then head inside to search for Akara. They find a disturbing place that once looked like a great underground manse. However, something had corrupted this once magical place. Wandering the tunnels, they eventually find themselves in a room with hanging cages. In one of them is a weakened Akara. They have to fight their way through some undead creatures here, but they manage to save Mustang’s wife. Mustang puts her on his horse and sends them back to his ranch at the Moonsilver Manse.

They eventually find what was once the hearthstone room of this old manse, and there is a sarcophagus in the center of the room. The lid is broken up, but it is still somewhat intact. No one is here, so the three of them decide to hide about the room. Mustang hides within the sarcophagus, and Amy and Ken hide in other places about the room.

They eventually hear some noise, and in comes a horrifically pale man with shimmering black armor. Ken lunges from his hiding place and brings the group into a combat with this strange-looking man. The man, who they later find out was one of the rumored Abyssal Exalted, reveals himself as The Pestilence and Destruction of the Lord Red Death, and he puts up a good fight. However, he was no match for the three Solars, and he was defeated.

Once the fight came to an end, the spirit of the manse was released and declares himself the ancient Lunar Ma-Ha Suchi. He thanks them for their help, and the party leaves on their separate ways.



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