Exalted - The Venemous Monk

Session #13: Awakening the Beast of Jades [8/9/15]

Our group of heroic Solars are faced with a tough decision right from the start. Do they confront the oncoming Realm army in combat, escape the town, or remain to figure out their motivations for their sudden arrival.

Afraid that the Realm are here for killing Marin and Hyde from House Ragara, Mustang follows Erik and his son Timmy back to the Summers Farm. Lefty and Amy decide to confront the oncoming army while Ruko dons his disguise and stays near Greasy Joan and Kensai.

As Lefty steps forward, the rows of troops come to a halt and separate so that a man with massive green jade armor can approach. This man identifies himself as Amann, the commander of the army of Realm soldiers and a proud member of House Iselsi. Lefty and Amy act as emmisaries and lead them to Mayor Walter’s former home. Along the way, Amann gives his belongings to Kensai to carry, and the brash young Exalted somehow manages to keep his cool.

As the group accompanies the army and its leader to the former mayor’s home, the ruler of Jades, Iselsi Saraban Deris, asks Ruko about a woman and old man that [[Session #6: An Old Man and a Hot Chick Walk Into Jades… [4/25/14] | snuck into Jades some time ago]]. Ruko plays dumb, and they continue on. Lefty goes about town to acquire drinks, Amethyst keeps an eye on the servants, Ken makes friends with some rather goofy twin Dragon-Blooded named Hack and Slash, and Ruko helps Greasy Joan make some of her classic soup.

Before dinner, Amy runs into Erisa, who asks what is going on and why her current meal ticket, Lord Denemor, is so angry. When she learns what is happening, Erisa tells Amy to tell Lefty that she will be just fine and then takes off.

During dinner, Lefty gets some information about why these Realm soldiers and leader are here. It turns out that something terrible living underneath Jades was awoken, and the people of the city have been put under some sort of contagion that turned them into mindless zombies. When Lord Deris makes it known that he left the innocent poor people of Jades to suffer and locked the front gates, Lefty leaves the dinner in anger. His companions eventually follow, and they meet up with Mustang at the Summers Farm.

The group ultimately decides that it would be best to travel to Jades and see for themselves what sort of danger lies there. The “brave” leader had left his people to suffer and possibly perish, and they must be saved if at all possible.

The journey takes many days, but they eventually arrive and find the tall wooden gates to be closed. They find their way up and over the wall and only find a thick green mist obscuring much of the landscape. Lefty went on ahead, moving down one of the towers and into the clouded streets. As he wandered blindly, he heard something moving close by. It turned out to be some of the townspeople, now transformed into mindless zombies. The rest of the heroes followed Lefty’s shouts, and they did their best to subdue the populous without necessarily killing them.

Once they dispatched of the threat, they decided they needed to find higher ground and get out of the vapors. The most logical location was Iselsi Saraban Deris’s mansion in the northern hills of the settlement. They emerged from the fog to find two Dragon-Blooded soldiers guarding the door. Their eyes were clouded green like the mist. A battle ensued, and the heroes managed to defeat these two foes despite their annoyingly evasive techniques.

The enter the mansion to lick their wounds, but unfortunately they aren’t able to do so for very long. A loud rumbling noise steals their attention as outside they see the shadow of something massive flying by. It turns out to be the being living underneath Jades that Ruko witnessed, a massive, shadowy jade dragon.

To make matters worse, as they contemplate just what to do, Amethyst Blind Sunrise falls unconscious, showing symptoms of the green mist. No matter what the others tried to do, they could not wake her.

Adding to the strangeness of the moment, a puzzling figure appears, leaning out one of the mansion windows. The figure shoots an arrow at the flying dragon, and he then warns the others to leave. Lefty recognizes him as Da Zhang “The Lone Whisper”, and the others struggle with whether they should listen to the mysterious man or not.

On top of all that, Ruko drops into a sort of trance. He receives a message from Wei Zhang, saying that he needs to leave at once. A strange silver door that twinkles like starlight appears out of nowhere.

After some deliberation, Ruko decides to go through the door and take Amy to safety.

The rest do battle with the massive dragon. The odds seem ultimately out of their favor, but they work together in order to slowly deal blow after blow. During the fight, Amy’s wolf manages to break into the town and help out, wielding a daiklave. The fight involves blazing fast swordplay from Kensai, outlandish leaps of athleticism and daring from Lefty, precision shots from the bowman Da Zhang, and seering bolts of golden flame from Mustang.

In the end, they managed to bring down their sizable opponent, sending it crashing down along the mountainous grounds of the lower-levels of Jades.

Utterly exhausted, the party drops to their knees, unsure just how they managed to survive such an encounter.



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